Best VPN services for 2016

Top VPN services for 2016 – Our best picks

Best VPN services for 2016

The best VPN services are a good balance of features, server location, connection protocols and price. Some are great for occasional use, while others are made to circumvent restrictions that some companies apply. Also has those aimed at people who love to download and want some privacy while you download. Here’s what you should watch: protocols: while searching for a VPN service, you can find terms like SSL (sometimes called OpenVPN), TLS, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and other types of VPN. SSL connections are the most currently used and all these protocols will provide a secure connection. Anyway, most of these solutions go unnoticed to the end user. Each protocol has its pros and cons, so if you’re worried about it, maybe you’re already aware of the problems (such as PPTP vulnerabilities). Most users do not need to worry about that. Output locations: depending on the use you want to make the VPN, the sites that the service offers are important details to consider. If you want to circumvent filters and watch TV channels in the United Kingdom (for example), make sure that the VPN provider has servers in United Kingdom. If you’re concerned about your privacy and want to prevent the Government eavesdrop your connection, it may be a good idea to choose servers outside the country where you live. Similarly, if the service is based in the United States, they are subject to the laws of that country and can force the provider to pass information to the authorities when requested. Many people care about it more than necessary, even when not only the United States has such rules. But it is important to make sure that the VPN service has servers in multiple locations or in places that you have interest.

Registration information: when you connect where to buy a VPN service, you’re trusting your data to it. Your communication can be secure from interception, but other systems in the same VPN can record information if they wish. If it bothers you, be sure to read the registry information policies before registering. They say VPNs located in the United States are required to keep a record, that’s not true, but either way the Government of any country can order any record that is maintained by the company, since she has some representation in it. Protection against viruses and spyware: despite all security provided by a VPN, that does not mean you are free from any threat. Always make sure that the site uses HTTPS where possible and be careful of what you download. Some VPN services include a program that scans what was downloaded to make sure nothing is infected. Mobile applications: you must get a consistent experience, whether on a desktop or on a smartphone. Most providers offer solutions for desktops and mobile devices, but schools and businesses VPNs may not be in the same step, but they are getting there.

Seek not to use two different VPNs with two distinct terms just to be able to use on your smartphone and on your notebook. Price: be sure to look carefully the privacy policy and terms of service of the provider that you are interested in and be aware of the differences between the free version and the paid version. Free services can register their activities and target ads with it. They may also offer less output locations and caring little with their privacy. They may even offer incredible features, but if privacy is important to you, it’s best to avoid them. Paid services take your privacy seriously, since you’re paying for the service. Ads are common here, but the record of their activities varies from company to company. In General, they offer free trial for you to try, but remember: just because you’re paying, doesn’t mean you have to ignore everything you read until here. The mix of good features and an attractive price make a VPN service to be considered good, but there are many bad services posing as good. Look for articles written by reliable sources, that discuss the merits based on resources.

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